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Dadaph WIP

Dadaph WIP

Bare en kjapp smugtitt på stripen som tegnes akkurat nå:

Er kanskje ikke så vanskelig å se hvilken favorittstripeserie som hylles her.
Jobber på spreng med Sagaen om Dadaph Serraph nå, sånn at jeg kan begynne å laste opp ferske striper igjen under Raptus.From this post on, some of my blogposts will be available in both Norwegian and English. Pick your language in the sidebar if your browser doesn’t do it for you. As I don’t want to translate my entire archives, use Google Translate or something for posts older than this one
Anyway, just a quick look on what I’m drawing right now:

Just a small tribute to one of my all time favorite comics. Can you guess which one?
Heavy at work with Sagaen om Dadaph Serraph now so I can start uploading strips again around Raptus. I might decide to translate it in English, but it’s going to be a lot of work, so I want to know if anyone are interested in reading it. Let me know.

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