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Dadaph in english?

Dadaph in english?

Been studying the stats a bit, and discovered about 10%-20% of my hits coming from the US. That kind of surprised me. I know I have some American friends on Facebook, but the statitics just doesn’t match. After all, I started this blog in Norwegian, but this post is dedicated to you, American readers, whoever you are. No Google Translate necessary this time.

This blog is, as you might have guessed, about me, my life, my webcomics and my videogames, and other stuff randomly happening.

While English is not my primary language, I probably won’t have any problems using it to write future blog posts. So English-speaking readers, let me know in the comments. I plan to expand this blog a bit this year, so if I actually have international readers already, I’m considering every possibility.
I started a poll in the sidebar where you can vote. I might not listen to the most votes, but it will give me an idea what people want.
I can also reveal that I’m working on an English translation of one of my webcomics, if anyone is interested. Going slow, trying to translate one strip per day, but it will eventually be done and published somewhere.

Og norske lesere: skrik ut om dere ikke klarte å lese teksten over her eller har andre innvendinger. Jeg er fan av å skrive på norsk, men når såpass mange treff kommer fra over dammen, vil jeg vurdere å tilpasse litt.
Om noen orker, kan dere stemme i margen, da får jeg litt oversikt over hva folk egentlig vil.

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